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Univera Healthcare Reports Lower Uninsured Rate for WNY

WNY’s uninsured rate is lower than the state and national averages Summary: Univera Healthcare reports that Western New York’s uninsured rate of 3.68 percent is 39 percent lower than the statewide uninsured rate, and 57 percent lower than the national uninsured rate. This means that a higher percentage of the Western New York population has health insurance coverage when compared to th... »

Peak Season for Children with Asthma

Peak Season for Children with Asthma A spike in asthma symptoms and flare-ups among children who have asthma is expected to start in late August and continue through the end of September, according to a review of past claims data and public health records by Univera Healthcare. “An increase in the number of children’s asthma-related medical visits, asthma attacks and hospitalizations occurs each y... »

Are your kids’ vaccinations are up to date?

Make sure your kids’ vaccinations are up-to-date! If you have school age children, your summer home work is to check to see that their immunizations are current. If the medical file you keep on them at home isn’t complete, call their pediatrician to see if any immunizations are needed before the first day of school. “It’s important for adults to keep up with their family’s immuni... »

Empower Receives Life-Saving AED Devices from Univera Healthcare

Four sites operated by Empower, formerly Niagara Cerebral Palsy, are equipped with semi-automated external defibrillators thanks to an underwriting grant from Univera Healthcare. With the devices, known as AEDs, these group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities are better equipped to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. “Having these devices in our sites allows our staff to take imm... »

Tips and Cautions for the Weekend Warrior

If you find that weekends are your only time to exercise, take heart, especially if you engage in longer, more intense activities on Saturdays and/or Sundays. “The good news is that a recent study showed that exercisers like you have a lower risk of mortality compared to sedentary adults,” said Bruce Naughton, M.D., Univera Healthcare chief medical officer for Medicare.  “However, the jury is stil... »

Telemedicine Phone App Essential for Family Vacations

A “must have” addition to your packing list for this summer’s family trip won’t take up any suitcase space. It’s an app for your smart phone that gives you access to a board certified telemedicine physician from wherever you happen to be sightseeing. “The ideal situation for getting medical care is when a patient sees his or her own doctor in person,” said Richard Vienne, D.O., Univera Healthcare ... »

Waking often to use the bathroom may signal health issues

  If frequent trips to the bathroom are keeping you from sleeping through the night, you may have a nocturia, which is a common cause of sleep loss, especially among older adults. “We’re not talking about waking up once during the night, every few nights,” said Richard Vienne, D.O., Univera Healthcare vice president and chief medical officer. “Adults suffering from nocturia may awaken with th... »

Univera Looking for Owners of Unclaimed Funds

      Hundreds of individuals, employers and health care providers in Western New York, and thousands across the state, have forgotten about $2.66 million in checks sent by Univera Healthcare and its parent. These checks were issued in 2013 and never cashed. If the funds aren’t claimed by the end of August, Univera is required to turn the money over to New York State. A list of peop... »

First-of-its-kind survey shows early acceptance

Nearly five out of 10 upstate New York adults are aware of telemedicine, and 80 percent of those who have used telemedicine rated their experience as “very good” or “excellent,” according to a survey commissioned by Univera Healthcare. The online survey administered by the polling firm One Research contacted 2,000 upstate New York adults, a representative sample of the region’s U.S. Census Bureau ... »

Telemedicine Gaining Acceptance

Summary: Telemedicine is gaining acceptance in upstate New York, according to a Univera Healthcare survey. Univera Healthcare found that nearly five in ten upstate New York adults are aware of telemedicine, and 80 percent of those who have used it rated their experience as “very good” or “excellent.” View results of the Univera survey online at http://tinyurl.com/hcbta26. According to a survey com... »

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