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Atwal Eye Glaucoma Specialist Chief Ophthalmology at VA

Atwal Eye Glaucoma Specialist Named Chief of Ophthalmology at Veterans Affairs Medical Center WNY Michael Vilardo, M.D. was named Chief of Ophthalmology Services at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Western New York. Dr. Vilardo has been on staff at the V.A. Hospital as an Assistant Professor since 1998. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor for Glaucoma at the State University of New York at ... »

Save 40 Babies’ Lives in One Hour

The ultimate gift! By Annette Pinder Are you Rh-negative? If so, you are among a special group of people who can save up to 40 lives in one hour, simply by donating part of your blood – the plasma. This is because plasma contains a substance that can prevent hemolytic disease (HDN) which occurs when a Rh-negative mother’s immune system produces antibodies that attach to the red blood cells of her ... »