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Laughter Yoga!

by Shannon Traphagen Laughter Yoga is a new take on an ancient form of exercise. First emerging in 1997 in India by physician Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga combines yogic breathing techniques with unconditional laughter and creative exercise. Practitioners do not have to master any of the traditional yoga postures. They simply need to laugh — it’s that easy! According to Psychology Today, resea... »

Being in the right place at the right time surrounded by great people–Joe Cozzo is a healthy hero

By Annette Pinder Joe Cozzo’s early years were spent growing up on the East side and in South Buffalo. He received a degree in Psychology, M.S. degrees in Developmental Psychology and Clinical Counseling, and served in the army. Joe initially worked as a therapist at Baker Victory Services and later became the COO. His last 10 years there focused on foreign adoptions, treating reactive attachment ... »

Heart Palpitations: When Should I See a Doctor?

by Annette Pinder Imagine experiencing heart palpitations and feeling frightened. Imagine being able to transmit information about your heart’s rhythm to your doctor in just 30 seconds through an app on your smartphone. Amazingly, a smartphone app linked to a remote patient monitoring platform used by local cardiologist Michael J. Chaskes, M.D. is doing just that. By being able to assess their hea... »

Don’t miss a beat regarding women’s heart health

Heart disease might be seen as something that predominantly affects men, but women are not immune to this potentially deadly condition. In fact, doctors and health care professionals advise women to take serious heed of heart disease, which claims more female lives than breast cancer, other cancers, respiratory disease, and Alzheimer’s disease combined. The American Heart Association indicates tha... »

Concerned About Heart Health?

ECP Is An Approved and Insured Therapy for Heart Health »

Heart-Healthy Tips to Follow All Year Long

Heart-Healthy Tips to Follow All Year Long »