Atwal Remodeling at Main Street

Atwal Eye Care has completed the renovation of its location at 4590 Main Street, Amherst

The complete interior was gutted and remodeled with new walls, windows, ceilings, carpet, electrical and heating and  air conditioning units. The total costs of renovations including equipment is over $350,000.

Photo left to right are Atwal Administrator Deborah Davis, Atwal Eye Care C.E.O. David Korzak, former Assemblyman Ray Walter, Amherst Chamber President A.J. Baynes, Dr. Nina Gelfond, Ophthalmologist and Oculo-Plastic and Orbital Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Daniel P. Schaefer, Atwal Eye Care Chairman and Founder Dr. Amar Atwal, Legislator Edward Rath, Amherst Highway Superintendent Pat Lucey, and Amherst Town Clerk Jeffery Zepolwitz