Botanical Gardens Wins of Down ‘N Dirty Thirty Contest

Erie County Botanical Gardens Winner of Down ‘N Dirty Thirty Contest

Winner receives $30,000 worth of creative advertising services

Amherst, N.Y.,  August 30, 2017 – Quinlan, a digital advertising agency located in Amherst, New York, is excited to announce the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens as the winner of the Down ‘N Dirty Thirty Contest. The company will be awarded with $30,000 worth of creative services.

Quinlan launched a contest, dubbed Down ‘N Dirty Thirty, that invited Western New York not-for-profits to enter to win $30,000 worth of free creative advertising services. “This year, we’re celebrating 30 years in the advertising industry,” Gary Miller, Quinlan president and CEO, says. “We believed the best way to honor our work was to give back to the local community.”

After much consideration, Quinlan decided to choose the Buffalo and Erie Botanical Gardens as the winner. As part of a new partnership with the company, future work may include branding and video development.

“Our goal is to work with Quinlan to create a fresh identity for the Botanical Gardens and we are very excited to partner with this agency on some new marketing efforts,” David Swarts, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens’ President/CEO, says.

The two groups have begun working together and are looking forward to this new partnership.