Breast Cancer Metastatic Research

Buffalo, NY, January 9, 2019-The Breast Cancer Network of WNY (BCN)presented a donation of$10,000 for metastatic breast cancer researchto the Research Initiative Fund of the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester on December 5th. The donation will be used to help fund the Coalition’s annual grant awards to scientific researchers in central and western New York state who are specifically studying metastatic breast cancer.

BCN’s donation came from a combination of contributions made by local organizations and individuals who requested that their gifts be used for metastatic research. Rob Jones, Executive Director of BCN, said, “I discovered the Coalition’s Research Initiative when my wife passed away and she asked me to have people donate to metastatic breast cancer research. They do incredible work in determining their grant recipients and the money is awarded directly to researchers to be used in their projects. It is a unique opportunity to make a donation where 100 percent of your gift goes directly to research.”

The Breast Cancer Network of WNY supports people in all stages of breast cancer, including those living with metastatic disease which occurs when the cancer cells spread, or metastasize, from the breast to other organs. Once metastasized, the disease is Stage IV and considered incurable. Metastatic breast cancer causes over 40,000 deaths in the United States each year. “We have a regular schedule of support groups and programming to help support women with this advanced stage breast cancer and it makes sense that we should also help financially with finding a cure. More money needs to be directed to metastatic research and we intend to make this an annual donation,” Jones said.

The Coalition’s Research Initiative has been in existence since 2003 and since that time, over $700,000 has been awarded to 18 researchers from Roswell Park, Cornell University, and University of Rochester. Their Research Advisory Board is composed of  more than 40 researchers, physicians and breast cancer survivor/advocates, including BCN President Bev Jasinski.

According to Holly Anderson, Executive Director of BCCR, “Though we are grateful for all gifts to our organization, it is particularly meaningful that one of our finest collaborators in the western New York region has thought to combine efforts to support an effective research program that is committed to keeping funds right here in our region. Breast cancer funding is becoming more and more competitive, which leaves dedicated regional scientists scrambling for funding. We are tremendously excited about this gift and will remain committed to these researchers for as long as funding allows.”

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and Breast Cancer Network of WNY are both independent, community based organizations that share a mission of support, education, and advocacy for local individuals who have been impacted by breast cancer and to eradicating this disease.