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Don’t Forget to Live!

Don’t Forget to Live – Advice from a Single Dad on Father’s Day by Kelly Quigley “This is a boy house,” declared the little girl upon entering the foyer of the Higgins home for the first time. “Well, what does that mean?” asked Tripp, father and (sometimes) alpha of the house. “It smells funny and there are a lot of balls everywhere,” she replied. “I think she means it smells mus... »

Prostate MRI May Be Right for You

What most men don’t realize is that MR Imaging and MRI guided biopsies are options when there is a negative TRUS biopsy According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, other than skin cancer. Astonishingly, it has a higher occurrence in men than breast cancer in women, and is the second leading cause of death in men behind lung cancer. It is est... »

Intercontercontinental Oncology Partnership Brings Access to Specialized Cancer Care to Nigeria

Affiliation between Roswell Park, Lakeshore Cancer Center focuses on prevention, early detection and specialty care BUFFALO, N.Y. and LAGOS, Lagos State, Nigeria — America’s oldest cancer center and one of the world’s newest oncology centers are partnering to improve access to cancer prevention, screening and care for the people of Nigeria. Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and Lakeshore Cancer... »

Study Supports Early Intervention for Prostate Cancer Patients Who Experience Significant Emotional Distress

Emotionally distressed prostate cancer patients more likely to choose surgery, researchers say BUFFALO, N.Y. — A study led by the University at Buffalo (UB) and Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) has identified beliefs and personality traits that are associated with higher levels of distress in newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients. The findings support the value of emotional and informationa... »

Men and Work-Home Balance

by Rion Kweller, Ph.D. Much has been written about women who struggle with returning to the work place after having children. Women often feel guilty about going to work while leaving their child in daycare or other caregivers. They feel torn. They either have to work or want to work, but miss the daylong routine of care, play, feeding and bonding that happens through constant interaction with the... »

Calling All Men: Prostate Cancer Facts, Myths and Guidelines

By James L. Mohler, MD Prostate cancer is among the slowest-growth types of all cancers that we know, and only about ten percent are actually fast-growing types of cancer. The biggest thing that people need to understand is that all men, as they age, will develop prostate cancer. In fact, your chance of having prostate cancer is about the same as your age – so by the time a man reaches 100 y... »

Working Out Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk in White Men

African Americans do not seem to benefit, according to a study A new study suggests that exercise may reduce Caucasian men’s risk of developing prostate cancer. And among Caucasian men who do have prostate cancer, exercise may reduce their risk of having more serious forms of the disease. Unfortunately, the benefits do not seem to apply to African- American men. The study is by the American ... »

Medical 411: Low Testosterone in Men With Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Local Research Study on the impact of testosterone replacement on body composition, fertility, inflammation and atherosclerosis in men with type 2 diabetes or obesity. by Sandeep Dhindsa, M.D. Testosterone is the principal sex hormone in males. It is important, not only for normal sexual function, but also for maintaining bone and muscle strength, mental and physical energy and overall well-being.... »