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Coping With the Loss of A Pet

The death of a pet often creates a void in a pet owner’s life. Finding ways to cope with the situation can help alleviate some pain. The strong bonds many people share with their pets can make the death of those pets, be it sudden or expected, difficult to handle. It’s not uncommon to be traumatized when a pet dies, and such grief may be influenced by the pet’s age at the time of... »

I Wish I Spoke Doggish! Bach Floral Bemedies Can Help Your Pet

by Laura Arsenau If I spoke and understood doggish it would solve the mysteries I encounter daily with my pets. Lucky, are you not hungry because you don’t like the food or do you have a stomach ache? Desi, why do you only growl at men who wear baseball hats? Gaps in understanding animal behavior can cause unnecessary suffering when humans don’t like how their dogs behave. Frustration from ineffec... »

Which Pets Get into the Most Health Trouble at Home?

The aspca says 2012 was the year of the mischievous labrador retriever (BHL) – According to a new list from the ASPCA the Labrador retriever led the pack when it came to cases handled by its Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). The APCC says it handled more than 180,000 cases about pets exposed to possibly poisonous substances in 2012 – and nearly 14,000 of those calls were from worried Lab ... »

Going the Extra Mile to Keep Your Pets Fit — and Reduce Your Own Stress

      by Annette Pinder I have to admit, I was somewhat reluctant to try Western New York’s newest pet facility even though it was less than a mile from my house. But it had everything I could possibly need — daycare, grooming, boarding for both my cat and my dog, and a canine fitness center. Still, I wasn’t quite sure. Why? It was called a pet resort — a pet... »

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