Her Story, Her Sanctuary – About the Cover Models

by Annette Pinder Susan Morreale was just 41 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer – an event that transformed her physically and spiritually. “I never really understood what it meant to embrace life, love it, and own it. Life truly began for me at 41,” says Sue. Having worked as a nurse, Sue understood the mental and physical toll that chemotherapy and radiation would take. She prepared by ch... »

Redefining Aging with Longevity Planning

by Laurie Menzies, Esq. If the World Health Organization is correct, many of us will experience a “longevity bonus” of 20–30 years. That is, we will live a lot longer than we thought. So I am looking forward to, and planning for, those extra years, hoping that I can experience some of the best days of my life. If it’s a fact that we should feel wiser and more liberated as we age, why do so m... »

Help Your Child Eat Healthy At School

Courtesy of Independent Health’s Health Promotion and Wellness Department At the beginning of each school year many parents struggle with deciding whether to have their child bring a bagged lunch from home or buy lunch from the school cafeteria. Whenever possible, we encourage parents to pack their kids’ lunches so they know what their children are eating. The most nutritious lunches include foods... »

Color Really is Only Skin Deep

By Elad I. Levy and Adnan H. Siddiqui The tragic events that took place in Charlottesville have spurred numerous debates on race, religion and rights. The freedoms of groups espousing bigotry and intolerance have in turn spurred secondary discussions regarding Civil War monuments, with some even calling into question the legacy of this great nation’s Founding Fathers. While Charlottesville catalyz... »

WNY Booming Aging Population

Top regional experts to discuss care for booming aging population BUFFALO, N.Y. — Health care leaders from The Eden Alternative, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University at Buffalo will share their insights during a panel discussion on Nov. 3 at Templeton Landing, 2 Templeton Terrace in Buffalo. As 10,000 aging baby boomers qualify for Medicare every day, “Improving the Health Status of th... »

Couples that Play Together Stay Together

by Shannon Traphagen Life gets busy, and when it does, demands pile up, work hours increase, and family schedules and obligations take a toll. This is often when time for fun gets pushed aside, causing a strain in our relationships. However, according to the American Psychological Association, by engaging in fun, novel activities, partners grow closer to one another, experience more positive emoti... »

Tips and Cautions for the Weekend Warrior

If you find that weekends are your only time to exercise, take heart, especially if you engage in longer, more intense activities on Saturdays and/or Sundays. “The good news is that a recent study showed that exercisers like you have a lower risk of mortality compared to sedentary adults,” said Bruce Naughton, M.D., Univera Healthcare chief medical officer for Medicare.  “However, the jury is stil... »

Telemedicine Phone App Essential for Family Vacations

A “must have” addition to your packing list for this summer’s family trip won’t take up any suitcase space. It’s an app for your smart phone that gives you access to a board certified telemedicine physician from wherever you happen to be sightseeing. “The ideal situation for getting medical care is when a patient sees his or her own doctor in person,” said Richard Vienne, D.O., Univera Healthcare ... »

Danielle DelMonte Wise Beyond Her Years

About Our Cover Model: Danielle DelMonte is wise beyond her years By Annette Pinder Danielle DelMonte is a Buffalo native, who is wise and exceedingly accomplished beyond her 27 years. She grew up on Grand Island, graduated from Nardin Academy, completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at Canisius College, and earned her M.S. in Public Relations at Syracuse University’s Newhouse ... »

No Bike? No Problem!

BlueCross BlueShield – Blue Bikes are at Canalside No bike? No problem! BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York’s Blue Bikes are back this summer, with nearly 50 bikes at Canalside for individuals and families to rent hassle-free and explore downtown, Canalside and the Outer Harbor. With summer officially underway and so much to do, here’s a guide with everything you need to know to explore... »

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