Sustainable Eating Made Easy

(Family Features) The needs of grocery shoppers are seemingly always evolving, and now more than ever, they want to know where and how their food is produced and what impact it has on the environment. This is commonly referred to as “sustainable eating,” and its popularity is growing among shoppers. Plant-based diets are a tenet of sustainable eating and mushrooms are often included as... »

Ketogenic Diet: Just a Fad or Truly Fab?

By Andrea Langston, MS, CNS, CDN In the 1980s fat became the villain of American diets. Scientific studies dating back to the 1940s showed a correlation between high fat diets and high cholesterol levels, suggesting that low fat diets may prevent heart disease. Low-fat versions of everything from cheese to cookies became commonplace. To replace the texture and flavor that fat provides in processed... »

Are Eggs Good for You?

by Annette Pinder I enjoy eating eggs. I think they are a great choice for breakfast or just about any time. So, when I was questioned about the health of eggs recently, I decided to take a closer look. Eggs are just 78 calories each, and the American Heart Association (AHA) says they are an efficient, rich source of protein and vitamins, noting that, “They contain six grams of protein and are a r... »

Healthy Eating Tips for the Big Game

Eating Tips: The Big Game BlueCross BlueShield Encourages Western New Yorkers to Stick to a Healthy Game Plan Buffalo, N.Y.– In the days leading to the big game, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New Yorkis providing simple tips to help Western New Yorkers maintain a healthy, balanced diet. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans eat more food during the big game than a... »

Try the Trendiest Flavors

Try the Trendiest Flavors Tonight New seasonings make it easy (Family Features) Exotic flavors common in the Middle Eastern region of the world like harissa, za’atar and shawarma are having a moment, appearing on restaurant menus and in popular make-at-home recipes. Now is the perfect time to give these flavors a try. Thanks to new global seasonings from McCormick Gourmet, the spice combinations a... »

Smarter Snacking with Nutrition in Mind

Smarter Snacking with Nutrition in Mind (Family Features) Planning health-conscious New Year’s resolutions typically includes cutting back on unhealthy foods during meals from breakfast to dinner. However, it’s also important to cut out sugary, calorie-laden snacks that can counteract all your hard work throughout the rest of the day. Rather than skipping snacks entirely, it’s po... »

World on Your Plate

The 15th Annual World On Your Plate Food and Sustainable Living Conference October 5 & 6, 2018 Friday (5 – 9 pm) and Saturday (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) at Daemen College, Wick Campus Center, 4380 Main St, Amherst, NY 14226 Time is flying by as we prepare for another great upcoming conference. The 15th annual forum will once again be hosted by Daemen College. We look forward to an eventfu... »

What Is Asarasi Water?

What is Asarasi Water? By Shannon Traphagen Asarasi Water is pure water sourced from living maple trees, and Asarasi’s Founder, Adam Lazar, is determined to help the planet, one drop at a time. A truly unique story, Adam visited a maple syrup open house for a fun activity with his daughter in the middle of a Vermont winter. As the farmer explained the production process, Adam watched him pour thou... »

Consume Phytonutrients for a Longer Life

By William M. Healy, MD Have you had your phytonutrients today? If you have consumed fruits, vegetables, greens, and other plant-based foods, then you have. “Phyto” comes from Greek, meaning “plant.” Plants can produce over 25,000 different chemicals known as phytochemicals, and many these have health benefits. For example, a carrot contains about 100 different phytochemicals. Phytonutrients are t... »

Get Your Produce Fix with Fresh Fix

By Shannon Traphagen Organic food sales are setting records as more mainstream Americans fill their shopping carts with everything from farm fresh eggs to grass fed meats, and one local company is making it both convenient and affordable. Fresh Fix, located in Buffalo, offers the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farms delivered right to your door! Husband and wife owners, Lucia Leon ... »

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