The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo will be hosting its second annual Community Media Event in response to the 10th Annual Robert Wood Johnson’s County Health Rankings Report on Wednesday, March 18th at WNED Studios. The event will run from 1pm-3pm with the media briefing at 1:30pm. The event last year provided an opportunity for community engagement, recognition, and intention-setting to identify where and how we as a region will do better.

The county health rankings for 2019 ranked Erie and Niagara counties 56th and 58th (respectively) least healthy counties out of the 62 in New York State. These rankings come from a variety of health metrics and data recorded from multiple different databases; the primary focuses for determining county health rankings are health behaviors and outcomes of the county. Erie County, in the 9 years that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has sponsored the county health rankings, has never ranked healthier than 50th in the state, but the March 18th Community Media Event will identify strategic and comprehensive initiatives, activities, and efforts that will enhance our community’s health status towards a positive direction!

Phil Haberstro, Executive Director of the Wellness Institute, noted “While we hope there is improvement in the rankings of Erie and Niagara Counties, we really want to highlight several of the many hard-working organizations that are working to improve the region’s quality of life!” The Institute and its many community partners believe that our region’s quality of life is best measured by the health of those who live in the community.