Schoolchildren and their teacher reading in primary classRegister Now for Classes Starting July 7!

by Annette Pinder

Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center (BHSC) is preparing for another busy summer of intensive educational and therapeutic programs. The agency is currently enrolling students in to the Leap Into Literacy™ Program, Language to Literacy™ Program, Social Communication Program™, Handwriting Improvement Program™, and Sensory Motor Program™.

Joe Cozzo, President and CEO of BHSC explains, “Each cutting-edge intervention program has an evidence-based curriculum and involves extensive staff training. A parent education component leads to improvements in formal testing results and positive feedback from parents and teachers.” Programs are taught by speech language pathologists or occupational therapists and begin July 7.

Program descriptions are:

Leap Into Literacy™ Program establishes a strong foundation of language and early literacy skills for children ages 3-5. Historical results reveal growth in auditory processing, phonological awareness, print knowledge, language and vocabulary.

Language to Literacy™ Program is an intensive program designed to help children ages 6-18 who have, or are at risk for, language and reading difficulties. It focuses on back to basics in addressing critical foundational skills in auditory processing, organization, phonological awareness, language and vocabulary skills. Formal test measuring outcomes show definite improvement in phonological awareness, decoding, reading and listening comprehension, and spelling skills.

Social Communication Program™ is designed for children ages 5-18. The program aims to improve skills in four major areas: social communication, conversation, self-regulation, cooperation, and generalization. Formal results show consistent growth in students’ pragmatic language skills.

Handwriting Improvement™ Program is designed for children ages 6-13, and offers a back-to-basics foundational approach to improving organization, attention, visual processing and motor coordination skills, which are all necessary for legible handwriting.

Sensory Motor Program™ is designed for children ages 4-6, and offers a back to basics, foundational approach to improving sensory processing, gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination, visual motor coordination and visual processing skills.

BHSC intensive educational and therapeutic programs are so successful they are being used at various schools throughout the United States. Earlier this year BHSC merged with the Center for Speech and Language Disorders (CSLD) in Chicago to bring these highly successful evidence-based programs to the greater Chicago area. BHSC now has contract program models in place in 12 charter schools in the Chicago area.

This will be the second summer running the Language to Literacy program. Last year BHSC introduced the Social Communication Program into the Chicago market. “We plan on trying to push all our programs out into broader Chicago areas,” Cozzo said.

For more information or to register your child for this summer’s programs visit or call 716-885-8318, ext. 2289 or email to enroll today! Programs run from July 7 to August 9. Fall programs run from October 5 to December 15.