Cycling and Heart Health

Tom's Pro Bike Partners with the American Heart Association

By Shannon Traphagen

We all know that in order to keep our hearts healthy, exercise and staying active are very important. Activities like walking, yoga, and stretching can all contribute to heart health. But did you know that bicycling is also good for heart health? 20160918_091201_resized

A 2016 Harvard Health Medical Publication states cycling offers many great physical benefits, including, joint health, aerobics, and building muscle.

Cycling also increases blood flow to the heart and creates a safe way to obtain an aerobic workout that is fun and may help with everyday activities like balance, energy, and stair climbing. According to Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the motion of pedaling provides an aerobic workout that’s great for the heart, brain, and blood vessels. Aerobic exercise triggers the release of endorphins–the body’s feel-good chemical, which in turn makes us feel young at heart.

For me, cycling has become a regular part of my weekly routine. Whether I fit it in first thing in the morning or towards the end of my day, while the weather is being so kind, I take full advantage.

However, I’m not the only one with a strong passion for cycling. Tom’s Pro Bike located in Lancaster and East Amherst NY, has been an advocate for cycling in the WNY community for years. “It makes me feel good when I see someone’s face light up after finishing a ride they thought they couldn’t do, or even a challening ride,” says Tom’s Pro Bike owner Tom Lonzi. An avid cycling enthusiast, Lonzi has created a passionate atmosphere for other enthusiasts to come out and ride–offering weekly group rides, bike demo workshops, and special event rides throughout the season.20160918_090944_resized

A recent event just held on September 18th, was Tom’s Pro Bike Century Ride. Among cyclists this ride is the penultimate for the season. A century ride is 100 miles of riding, and the route this year was truly spectacular as bikers traveled from Tom’s shop in Lancaster up north to Lake Ontario in Rochester NY. Ardent believers of taking care of our hearts, Lonzi and I were able to bring together cycling and the heart health communities. At the start of the ride, each rider donated to the WNY American Heart Association. Volunteers from the association came out to man each break station along the route and handed out healthy snacks, a booklet on healthy recipes, and water. It was a great way to celebrate heart health. Talking with other cyclists before the ride, I heard many stories of those touched by heart disease. It is something that touches us all. Tom’s Pro Bike and the WNY American Heart Association will partner again next year. And I look forward to continuing to ride for heart health.

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