Dreams Really Do Come True

Dreams really do come trueAbout seven years ago, the team at Westermeier Martin Dental Care of East Aurora decided to choose one lucky woman to win a day of pampering in honor of Mother’s Day. The lucky winner would also receive a smile makeover courtesy of their dental practice. They knew that moms always take care of everyone else first, and put themselves last. They also believed that by changing someone’s smile, it had the potential to change their life. And so, for the past several years, the practice has been sponsoring this eagerly anticipated annual event, and this year was no exception.

For 10 years, North Tonawanda resident and mom of three, Robin Perry prayed for a new smile. Some years back, a serious abscess affected her teeth, one by one. By the time the infection could be treated, Robin’s teeth could no longer be saved. Robin states, “ I am so grateful for this blessing that allowed me to live and survive the infection, but I have actually had children run away from me, scared because of how my teeth looked!”

Robin is a very spiritual person, and believes that there isn’t always an answer for everything. She also believes that it is possible to have her prayers answered. So when she saw the announcement for this year’s makeover contest on TV, she decided she had nothing to lose by entering, and possibly everything to gain.

When Maria Miecyjak, administrator for Westermeier Martin showed up on a sunny morning at Robin’s door to tell her she won (check out the video of this on www.wmsmile.com), it was hard to tell who was more excited, Robin or Maria.

Robin couldn’t believe it. She said, “I was shocked because I never win anything. I burst into tears. I was so happy to finally be able to fix my teeth! Although I required extensive treatment I was totally comfortable the whole time I was in the dental chair. I was also amazed that there was absolutely no pain or discomfort afterwards.”

To add to the exhilaration of literally being treated like a queen during her smile makeover, Cielo Salon in East Aurora added to Robin’s pampering with a complete hair and makeup makeover. Eros Spa donated a luxurious spa treatment, and the charming and historic Roycroft Inn pitched in with an overnight stay, including a champagne dinner for two.

The Westermeier Martin Mother’s Day smile makeover has changed Robin’s life forever. She smiles all the time now, showing off her beautiful white teeth, and enjoys laughing and eating with her children and grandson. She especially loves being able to freely smile at everyone she meets and proudly tells her story.

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