First-Ever Light and Sound Interactive Event

First-Ever Light and Sound Interactive Event Starts Today!

Co-hosted by the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, the first-ever Light & Sound Interactive event (LSI) is expected to attract more than 1,000 attendees to downtown Rochester, starting today. LSI will focus on light- and sound-based technologies and their applications into some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

LSI starts today, Tuesday, Sept. 12, and will run through Thursday, Sept. 14, at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center and Hyatt Regency in downtown Rochester.

LSI will highlight innovations in augmented and virtual reality, interactive media and games, film, audio and music, imaging, displays, healthcare, optics and photonics. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, demonstrations, hands-on events, trade show exhibits, networking activities and a career fair will all be part of the mix.

A finalized program – with detailed dates, times and track topics – is attached. Specific keynotes are as follows:

Jeff Lieberman, MIT scientist, photographer, musician, roboticist, and sculptor, Host of the Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp”Tuesday 1:30– 2:30 Convention Center, Empire Hall North

Ang Lee, Oscar-winning Director, along with Oscar-nominated Film Editor Tim Squyres, and Technical Supervisor Ben GervaisTuesday, 7:00  – 8:30 pm Convention Center, Empire Hall North

Ainissa Ramirez, Ph.D, science evangelist and author Be a Science Hero Wednesday, 9:00 –10:00 am, Convention Center, Empire Hall North

Steve Sasson, inventor of the digital camera Wednesday, 1:30 – 2:30 pm, Convention Center, Empire Hall North

Rob Legato, Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Thursday, 10:30-11:30 am, Convention Center, Empire Hall North

Rochester Riverside Convention Center (a main location), 123 East Main Street, Rochester, and Hyatt Regency Rochester (a main location), 125 East Main Street, Rochester,  8:30 am – 9:00 pm

Keynote speakers, virtual and augmented reality technologies, video games and gaming technologies, film excerpts, and much, much more throughout the day.

For more information, see the Program