Accessible Festivals Hosts Virtual Auction

Accessible Festivals Supports More Than 61 Million People With Disabilities With A Virtual Auction Event Featuring Tickets to Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival
[New York, NY] — Beginning on December 10, 2020, Accessible Festivals will be hosting a Virtual Auction event to support their mission of creating more inclusive, accessible communities with music and recreation for all.
Accessible Festivals is dedicated to making live music and recreational events fully accessible for people of all abilities. By educating the public and bringing together like-minded organizations, the organization has made its mission to end the stigmatization involved with having a disability so that everyone can have the opportunity to have amazing experiences, regardless of ability.
There are 61 million adults (one in four) or 26% of adults in the United States who live with a disability. Accessible Festivals is highlighting this information and celebrating the importance of inclusion, music, and recreation in all of our lives. Featured auction items for music fans across the country include Coachella tickets and EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) tickets, tickets to Accessible Festivals’ own Inclusion Festival, the nation’s first and only music and wellness festival designed to include and accommodate people with autism and other special needs.
While ongoing efforts continue in the civic, corporate, education, private, and non-profit sectors to ensure inclusive and accessible accommodations for all abilities, little has been done to ensure the accessibility of live music, entertainment, and recreational events. Accessible Festivals is committed to filling this void by providing resources, a roadmap, and a model that encompasses, engages, and celebrates the inclusion of people of all abilities in enjoying the social, emotional, and health benefits of recreation and leisure experiences. Accessible Festivals’ in-person and online Inclusion Festivals, ticket gifting program, training, and consultation services provide a robust and innovative approach to achieving this goal.
The virtual auction will provide critical funding, enabling Accessible Festivals to continue their mission and support the changing landscape of the music and recreation industries as COVID-19 continues to redefine issues of access and inclusion for all.
The auction opens Thursday, December 10 at 12 pm EST (9 am PST) and will run until Thursday, December 17 at 8 pm EST (5 pm PST). To sign up, or for more information, visit
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