Know Your Nurses!

National Nurses Week: Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Nurses in Your Community

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By Ann Marie Moran, R.N.

May 6th through May 12th marks National Nurses Week, a time set aside to celebrate and recognize the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the field of nursing. Home care nurses are often the unsung heroes who keep our aging population living safely and independently at home—avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital.

National Nurses Week is an opportunity to shine a light on these skilled and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly on the front lines in our communities, helping our most vulnerable New Yorkers stay safe and healthy well into their golden years.

As a Registered Nurse Care Coordinator with The Eddy Visiting Nurse Association and VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans, I am honored to count myself among the nurses who continue to find unique ways to connect with patients and help them achieve the best quality of life possible.

Here are five things that you might not know about nurses—National Nurses Week is a great time to give a shout out to one of the dedicated nurses who has made a difference in your life!

Nurses are educated, but they also educate. Nurses go above and beyond their standard “job description” to educate their patients and caregivers, and provide help navigating the ever-changing healthcare system.

• Nurses are tough as nails. Nurses are often in and out of homes and hospitals. Nurses are also often required to adapt to a variety of stressful situations. Whether it’s dealing with an emergency surgery or quickly treating a grisly wound, nurses can be some of the toughest people you know.

• Nurses are the “eyes” and “ears” of physicians. While patients may only see their doctors for a quick visit in the office, home care nurses coordinate care with their patients on an ongoing basis to form trusting relationships that support their care. They monitor patients outside the office and can inform doctors about health changes to help them stay healthy and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital or ER.

• Nurses aren’t just people you see in hospitals. By providing care right where someone lives, home care nurses help aging or homebound individuals stay rooted and engaged in their communities and live a safe and independent life for many years—avoiding the isolation and dependency that can develop in a nursing home.

• Nurses are there with calm and care. At some point in our lives, we all connect with a nurse. Maybe it’s someone who was there when we were born, or gave birth to our own children. Maybe it’s the steady skill of an RN who supervised care and helped us heal through a little laughter.

National Nurses Week is a time to say thank you to nurses who are there when we need them. To learn more about health plans that help elder New Yorkers live more comfortably, safely and independently in their own homes, visit or call 1-855-AT CHOICE (1-855-282-4642).

About the Author: Ann Marie Moran is a Registered Nurse with The Eddy Visiting Nurse Association and VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans.