annette-pinderI never imagined owning a magazine. I don’t think it’s the type of thing where one day you wake up and say, “What I really want to do is be a publisher.” In life, it’s often, just putting one foot in front of the other that leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be. So, as I find myself here, I hope that I have reached out over the past several years to touch you, as you have touched me.

The mission of Buffalo Healthy Living is to provide resources and information to help people of all ages live healthier lives. We want people to be aware of the latest research and initiatives taking place right here in Western New York, and where they can get the help they need. We also believe that mental, spiritual and physical health must be integrated for us to truly thrive, which is why we focus on so many lifestyle issues, including our treasured pets!

Our goal is to distribute as many magazines as possible each month. That’s where advertisers make a difference – if we can prevail upon them to support us, we can better support this amazing community of good neighbors who strive to be the best they can for themselves and for their families.

There are so many wonderful things happening in our region – from the biomedical corridor, to our great schools, hospitals and medical centers, senior care facilities, fitness centers, food markets and cafes – all the places where you will likely find a copy of Buffalo Healthy Living. Remember, if you can’t find a copy of the magazine, just stop at any Wegmans – where we are the only free health publication in the entryway racks. And if you can’t find one there, stop at Tops, or read us online. Most of all, thank you for your loyalty and support. Thank you for sharing your ideas. And thank you for helping to make us so successful.


Annette Pinder