New CATALYS Technology Is Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery

By Annette Pinder


Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye making it difficult to see clearly, affecting 22 million Americans – most of them 40 or older. Often, in summer, people realize they may need cataract surgery due to the bright sun, which exacerbates these symptoms. 

Now, Atwal Eye Care wants Western New Yorkers to know about a new cutting-edge technology that will make cataract surgery even more precise. According to Ephraim Atwal, M.D., “A new FDA approved system called CATALYS, a femtosecond laser, will eventually replace technology that has been used for more than two decades.”

Atwal Eye Care is the only eye care center in the region offering CATALYS. Until now, cataract surgeons across the world have had to use handheld instruments to perform the most challenging aspects of cataract surgery.

“CATALYS combines a femtosecond laser, 3D imaging, sophisticated software and other innovative features that are more precise and highly customize the cataract procedure,” explains Dr. Atwal. “The imaging and laser portion of the treatment take just minutes with little or no discomfort to patients. It is the most precise way to perform refractive cataract surgery for patients wanting astigmatism correction and greater freedom from glasses. We recently performed several of these procedures on our patients, and they are thrilled. With the region’s aging population, cataract surgery is on the rise calling for more cataract surgeries, and this procedure has many benefits.”

Dr. Atwal says, “Custom Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery is the wave of the future for cataract procedures. Although present methods of cataract surgery are a virtual miracle of modern medicine, the new laser-assisted procedure that is only being offered at Atwal Eye Care, promises even greater accuracy and potentially reliable outcomes for cataract surgery patients.

“Our new Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery technology is not only going to increase predictability of the outcome, we know it will also allow us to correct astigmatism and help improve our 20/20 rates, while enhancing our patients comfort and recovery,” said Dr. Atwal. “We are excited to have the opportunity to bring this cutting edge technology to this region and to be offering the future of ophthalmology to our patients right now.”

Atwal Eye Care decided to make the significant investment in the new technology because many medical professionals across the globe say this new laser technology will become the standard of care for cataract surgery in the future – just as Laser Vision Correction evolved over the years, a procedure that Atwal Eye Care specializes in, and has treated more than 30,000 eyes.

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