New Technology Takes Hold of Loose Dentures

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Mini Dental Implant technology now offers denture wearers a fast and easy affordable solution for their uncomfortable dentures. After years of testing and research Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) are now available to help relieve the pain and embarrassment of loose dentures.

Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer, a pioneer in the field of Mini Dental Implants, uses these small diameter titanium tooth root replacements in his new modern office in Williamsville. He offers the following comments: “Mini Implants have revolutionized the process of replacing teeth or securing dentures. Patients who suffer from partial or full edentulism (missing teeth) no longer have to endure major surgeries, bone grafting or even stitches to have stable dentures. We can replace missing teeth or stabilize a loose denture in about an hour total. Often, we can even use the patients’ existing dentures saving them thousands of dollars!”

Dr. Oppenheimer further reports that with MDIs the palate of an upper denture can be removed to help patients taste food better and help patients who gag with a full plate. Partial denture wearers can eliminate the unsightly metal clips and use MDIs to secure their denture. This can also prolong the life of those teeth. Another great MDI solution is to eliminate a denture completely and replace it with implant crowns and bridges.

Dr. Oppenheimer offers free consultations and x-rays to determine if Mini Implants are right for you. Even if you have been told in the past that dental implants won’t work for you, call 716-772-8907 to see how this new technology can help.