Seasonal Sweet Apple Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Blended fruit and veggie drinks aren’t just for summer. Here’s a delicious combo to celebrate the fall season.

(FF)- It can be challenging to eat right any time, but especially during fall and the holidays, when the entire season seems filled with hearty meals, rich dishes and sweet treats. It’s okay to moderately splurge every now and then.  But, in the long run you will greatly benefit by making smart dietary decisions to ensure a healthy immune system during the fall and winter months.
Drink to Your Health
A simple way to enjoy a healthy season is to make sure you are eating nutrient-dense foods. These will help you produce increased energy levels and decrease cravings for seasonal junk foods, and provide you with greater overall wellness.
Sweet Apple Pumpkin Pie
An antioxidant-rich, protein-packed healthy dessert option so you can enjoy the flavors of the season guilt-free.
            1/4       cup organic silken tofu or organic Greek-style yogurt
            1/2       cup canned pumpkin or cooked fresh pumpkin
            1/2       apple (cut, cored, and seeds removed)
            1          tablespoon raw almond butter
                        Pinch of cinnamon
                        Pinch of ground cloves
            1–2      teaspoons pure maple syrup
            1          cup almond milk
Add ingredients to lblender and make your smoothie!
Nutrient Know-How
How many times have you read a list of nutrients on a food label, but not really known how each works to benefit your body? Following are some nutrient quick tips so you’re better informed during your next trip to the market.
Calcium — Essential for healthy teeth and bones; also important for muscle, nerve and some gland functions.
Iron — Necessary for healthy blood and normal cell functioning.
Magnesium — Needed for healthy bones; also involved in more than 300 enzymes.
Potassium — Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
Vitamin A — Helps keep eyes and skin healthy; also helps protect against infections.
Vitamin C — Helps heal cuts and wounds; helps keep teeth and gums healthy, and helps iron absorption.
Folate (folic acid) — Helps the body form red blood cells.
Fiber — Helps reduce blood cholesterol and may lower risk of heart disease.
How Much Is a Cup?
To help you gauge how much produce you’re eating, here’s a quick look at what equals a cup:
—1 small apple
—1 large banana
—1 medium grapefruit
—1 large orange
—1 medium potato
—2 large or 3 medium plums
—12 baby carrots
—1 small wedge watermelon
—8 large strawberries
—2 large stalks celery
—1 medium pear

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