Spring Your Skin Back to Life

Tips from Aesthetic Associates Centre for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care

by Samuel Shatkin, MD

Woman outdoors holding flowers smiling

Soon we’ll really be saying goodbye to winter and be ready to come out of hibernation.

Spring, a time of grow-and-glow, applies to our skin as much as it does to our garden. Just as we must nurture and cultivate flowers to make them bloom, so must we manage our skin to its rebirth.

Here are my simple tips for crawling out of winter blues and reviving your skin:

Exfoliate. Yes, that is right! That dry, flaky skin is essentially the dead stratum corneum layer. It needs to come off! And if you haven’t kept up with routine exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells), it’s time to get your skin back in shape. For skin revival, I recommend a twice-daily light exfoliation with a mild alpha-hydroxy (anti-aging) skin cream. Harsh scrubs can wreak havoc on skin that is already sensitive from cold dry air outside, and dry hot air inside. If you use a microcrystal scrub, use it gently and no more than once every other week until the weather changes. The more you irritate your skin the less it will glow. Use a mild cleanser to remove debris without stripping away essential oils. And put away the washcloth. A cleansing device like a Clarisonic brush allows dead cells to gently be lifted from the skin surface.

Hydrate. This may seem obvious, but it’s a must! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Once the dead layers are cleared, it’s best to apply a moisturizer immediately after cleansing to retain hydration. Using a moisturizer with seaweed extracts or peptides to restore the hydro-lipid layer, and one that contains anti-oxidant natural oils of sunflower, sesame and almond helps reduce inflammation from winter’s harshness. Ditch the heavier moisturizer you needed all winter for a lighter skin hydration product. Try an alpha-hydroxy moisturizing cream during the day and a retinoid vitamin A moisturizer at night to help with light exfoliation.

For a quick jumpstart. Try a multi-layer peel and facial at an advanced skin care medispa to help put spring back into your skin. Qualified skin care professionals can suggest and customize a skin care exfoliate and moisturizer that will be best for you. It can be dramatic how quickly one can spring the skin back to life after a long harsh winter with the right skin care regimen. And your fab look will definitely put spring in your pace!

About the author:
Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., is a board certified plastic surgeon and skin care specialist. He is Medical Director of Aesthetic Associates Centre for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care. Dr. Shatkin also runs a fully accredited and award winning ambulatory surgery center. He appears regularly as a plastic surgery expert in local media, has lectured nationally and internationally and received national and local top doctor’s awards. The Aesthetics Associates Center for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care is located at 2500 Kensington Avenue, Amherst, NY 14226. To make an appointment, call 716-839-1700. Learn more at www.gr8look.com.