Catholic Health Heart Center

Is a Laugh a Day the Key to a Healthy Heart?

February is heart health month, and when it comes to your heart, here’s why laughter really may be the best medicine. It may sound like a barrel of monkeys, but research suggests that a good laugh may just be the punch line for good health. THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR FUNNY BONE  When you laugh, your brain activates a series of neurons called a reward pathway. The reward pathways triggered by humor ca... »

Mercy Hospital Expands Cardiac Catheterization

Mercy Hospital Expands Cardiac Catheterization Services with Opening of Fourth Lab In response to growing patient volume, the Catholic Health Heart Center at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo has expanded its interventional cardiology services with the opening of a fourth cardiac catheterization (cath) lab. The $4.3 million project will further enhance services offered by the Heart Center and accommodate ... »