Jacobs Institute

Buffalo Peers into the Future of Medicine

By Allison Kupferman When you think of Buffalo, do you think of ground-breaking ideas that would shake up the healthcare industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and medical school education? Do you think of self-driving ambulances, genetically-engineered babies, robotic surgery, and DNA regeneration when you think of medical technology in Western New York? You might not today, but these futuri... »

The Genius of the Jacobs Institute

by Shannon Traphagen A new TV show aired recently called Pure Genius, in which a Silicon Valley entrepreneur partnered with a progressive chief of staff to build a medical hospital. The show brought together engineers, surgeons, researchers, and start-up companies, working together and using 3-D printing and collaboration to treat rare diseases. Seemingly futuristic, the show is more of a reality ... »

3D Printing for Treating Vascular Diseases

3 D Printing for Vascular Diseases By Pamela Marcucci Imagine a 3D printer helping to better treat diseases involving the heart and the brain. That is exactly what the Jacobs Institute (JI) is doing with Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute and the University at Buffalo’s Clinical and Translational Research Center. The newest technology for treating vascular diseases, 3D printing is helping b... »