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What Your Heart Rate is Telling You

What Your Heart Rate is Telling You Celebrate Heart Health Month with Orangetheory Fitness Heart-rate monitoring is undoubtedly the latest fitness craze. More often than not, you spot joggers on the street so consumed in the state-of-the-art equipment plastered on their wrist that they risk running in the road in the middle of oncoming traffic. Or you visit a tech-savvy fitness facility with heart... »

Group Fitness and Personalized Training in One

Orangetheory Fitness is All the Rage by Annette Pinder Face it – getting motivated to exercise isn’t always easy, especially for people who have competing priorities, let alone the desire to fulfill their basic need for friendship and human connection. It turns out that working out with a companion may not only help fulfill the need for friendship, but may also bring better results, according to r... »