Rion Kweller PhD

Achievements and Character

by Rion B Kweller, Ph.D. Have you overheard this kind of conversation when parents talk at the grocery store? My son just made the varsity hockey team and is being scouted by the NHL. How nice. My daughter was inducted into the National Honor Society and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! Our kids are amazing. Well, maybe not quite as amazing as we sometimes think they are, but they are... »

Men and Work-Home Balance

by Rion Kweller, Ph.D. Much has been written about women who struggle with returning to the work place after having children. Women often feel guilty about going to work while leaving their child in daycare or other caregivers. They feel torn. They either have to work or want to work, but miss the daylong routine of care, play, feeding and bonding that happens through constant interaction with the... »

Talk the Talk with Adult Children

by Rion B. Kweller, Ph.D. Remember the days before your kids could talk? They might grunt or gurgle. Before long they could speak one word, then two. The next you knew they were teenagers asking for the car keys and telling you to give them some space. As a parent, it is sometimes hard to let go of that parental role, and that idea of your house, your rules. Things that worked perfectly well while... »