Tennessee Man’s Sight Restored With Eyes on America

Photo caption left to right as Tennessee river guide and waiter Dennis Roberson thanks the Eyes On America Foundation, Chairman Dr. Kenneth Anthone and Chief Medical Officer, Ephraim Atwal for the donated cataract surgeries restoring total sight to both eyes at Atwal Eye Care, Cheektowaga, Eyes On America Foundation Chairman Dr. Kenneth Anthone,friend of cataract surgery recipient, Jen Lambert, cataract surgeries recipient Dennis Roberson and Eyes On America Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ephraim Atwal.
















Roberson was in danger of losing both of his jobs with poor sight and now has full vision.
The Eyes On America Foundation since 2009 has donated over 250 cataract surgeries for the uninsured, veterans, refugees and underinsured with its Mission Cataract Day programs.