Univera Healthcare Launches Choosing Wisely® “Microsite”

Univera Healthcare today launched a dedicated Choosing Wisely® “microsite” of resources developed by Consumer Reports® to help patients and clinicians engage in evidence-based conversations regarding their health care.

Univera Healthcare is licensed by Consumer Reports, the world’s largest independent, nonprofit consumer organization, to distribute Choosing Wisely content to its members, employers and the public, said Matthew Bartels, M.D., Univera Healthcare medical director for health care improvement.

The microsite can be accessed at http://consumerhealthchoices.org/univera/.

Choosing Wisely is a clinician-led initiative developed by the ABIM Foundation in partnership with Consumer Reports. It promotes conversations between patients and clinicians to improve the quality of care and reduce the use of unnecessary services that have little or no proven benefit. More than 70 medical societies have contributed more than 450 recommendations of tests and treatments they say may be wasteful and should be discussed.

“Our analysis of regional health care data is guiding us to the Choosing Wisely recommendations that we know will have an immediate and positive impact on the quality of care in upstate New York,” said Dr. Bartels “We now have information about a number of specific recommendations readily available to view on the new microsite, and we will be adding more content to the site in the coming months.”

Among its efforts to work hand in hand with consumers for a fairer, safer and healthier world, Consumer Reports has developed a library of communications materials to help build meaningful discussions between clinicians and their patients about the most appropriate options for managing conditions or preventing illness.

The microsite features Consumer Reports’ materials that relate to the recommendations the health plan is promoting in its upstate campaign, including imaging tests for low back pain and PSA testing for prostate cancer.   The campaign encourages both patients and clinicians to “Start the Conversation” about options for care, tests and procedures so that the treatment ultimately chosen is evidence-based, doesn’t duplicate other tests or procedures, is safe and is truly necessary.

“Our health plan is working closely with local physicians, employers and patients to educate them about the Choosing Wisely recommendations and the educational resources that are available through Consumer Reports,” Dr. Bartels said. “We’re also developing a number of infographics that support the Choosing Wisely recommendations on a variety of topics, including vitamin D testing, back pain, and early elective deliveries.” The infographics can be found at https://www.univerahealthcare.com/wps/portal/uv/our/hpr/factsurveyreport/.