Does it seem like you’re spending more time at work, and less and time exercising? Do you tell yourself, “There’s simply not enough hours in the day to exercise” or “Every day there’s so much junk food around, it’s hard to resist?” If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps it’s time to consider how some small changes can make a big difference in your health.
Consider these options:
Option #1 If you drive to work, park in a spot where you’ll have to walk farther to get where you’re going.

You’d be amazed how much difference a few extra steps can make. Before you know it, you’ll be incorporating this into your daily routine.
Option #2 If you live close enough to work so that it’s practical. bike to work.
Not only will you be keeping our planet cleaner, but you’ll be getting a work-out before and after you start your work day. Of course, this is only an option if you can find a safe place to keep your bike, but more and more employers are viewing your health as a priority.
Option #3 Eat breakfast!
Are you constantly leaving the house in a hurry and skipping breakfast? Research shows that eating breakfast increases your metabolism, while skipping meals slows it down. So if you’re in a hurry, try packing something healthy to take along — a piece of fruit, yogurt, a low fat cereal bar or muffin are examples of healthy choices.

Option #4 Stand up and stretch!

Did you know that stretching at your desk can increase your metabolism? Believe it or not, it also helps you relax and alleviate stress. One of the causes of weight gain is stress, so taking a minute to take a deep breath, stretch, and relax, can even help with maintaining a healthy weight.
Option #5 Have healthier snacks available.
We all know what it can be like at work — birthday cakes, pizza, donuts, candy, and more. There’s always someone bringing something in for everyone to share. While that can be nice, it can also cause weight gain. Also, when everyone else is sharing in these tempting treats, its nearly impossible to resist. So try bringing in some healthier low fat alternatives — cut up fruit, veggies, or other low fat, low sugar treats. You’ll avoid feeling hungry and you’ll be getting your snack too.

Option #6 Sit up straight – good posture is important.
Did you know that poor posture causes back pain. Slouching looks terrible and it makes you feel even worse. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better too.
Option #7 Take a walk for lunch.
It’s easy to feel that the work can’t wait, and that you have to work through your lunch every day. It’s also easy to sit around with everyone in the cafeteria and zip right back to your desk when you’re done eating. The truth is – you need time away from your office – for your mental and your physical health. So take a walk. It’s good for you. Changing your scenery changes your perspective, and gives you more energy to be more productive when you return. Meanwhile you’re incorporating exercise into your life without even trying.

Option #8 Control what you eat by packing a healthy lunch.
Not only is breakfast important but so is lunch. Make it a healthy one. Try packing a salad, a turkey sandwich on lowfat and high fiber bread. If you plan ahead, you’ll have everything you need to resist the unhealthy fast food choices that are so readily available.

Option #9 Use the stairs.
Walk, walk, walk. Walk over to your co-worker to deliver a message, instead of calling them on the phone or using e-mail. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator whenever possible. Offer to do an errand to get out of the office for a minute. Every step counts toward a healthier lifestyle.
Option #10 Start a movement – get others to join in.
Everyone needs to stay fit, so get others to join in. Take a walk together at lunchtime. Make a pact to bring in healthier snacks.Create a support group to make healthier choices and improve your health.