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Planting a Garden for Your Health Gardening Provides Numerous Health Benefits for People of All Ages

By Becky O’Connor If you’re trying to boost your mood, improve your memory, or make new friends, consider planting a garden. Not only does it provide the immediate health benefit of bringing more healthy foods directly into your life, but hands-on gardening has been proven to increase the amount of fruits and veggies eaten by children and young adults. Youth exposed to and involved in garden-based... »

Great summer weekend activities and getaways for the whole family

By Shannon Traphagen Families looking to stay busy or get away on the weekends this summer often look for activities that appeal to the whole family while getting everyone out of the house. According to the U.S. Travel Association, nearly three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes. The following are a handful of local getaway ideas the whole family can enjoy this summer. Hikin... »

Buffalo Residents Getting Heart Smart for Life

By Rich Buckley and Deanna Messinger Approximately every 40 seconds someone in the United States dies of cardiovascular disease. In Erie County, that rate is even higher with residents experiencing 33 percent more heart disease death than the average American, making it the leading cause of death in Erie County. These alarming statistics from the American Heart Association and the 2017-2019 Erie C... »

Announcing the Francis A. Little Hospice Wing at Aurora Park

Hospice Buffalo and Absolut Care are partnering to care for and improve the quality of life for patients who have been diagnosed with life-limiting illness. The 5-room/10-bed Francis A. Little Hospice Wing, named after an American Red Cross nurse in East Aurora, is in the Willink Building on the Aurora Park campus in East Aurora, NY. “We are very proud to be partnering with Absolut Care. Collabora... »

National Hospital Association Honors ECMC for Population Health-based Quality Initiative Work

America’s Essential Hospitals, a leading association and champion for hospitals and health systems, has recognized Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Corporation for its Population Health-based Quality Improvement Initiative. This award recognizes activities to improve the quality of care delivered or that work to eliminate events that harm individual patients or groups of patients. America’s... »

Leukemia Team Brings Latest Treatments to Roswell Park

Courtesy of Roswell Park Cancer Talk Until the late 1990s, chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) was a fatal disease. “When patients received their diagnosis, we would tell them there was no cure,” recalls, Eunice Wang, MD, Chief of the Leukemia Service at Roswell Park. Everything changed when Roswell Park was authorized to offer clinical trials of a new drug called imatinib (Gleevec®). “It’s... »

Ketogenic Diet: Just a Fad or Truly Fab?

By Andrea Langston, MS, CNS, CDN In the 1980s fat became the villain of American diets. Scientific studies dating back to the 1940s showed a correlation between high fat diets and high cholesterol levels, suggesting that low fat diets may prevent heart disease. Low-fat versions of everything from cheese to cookies became commonplace. To replace the texture and flavor that fat provides in processed... »

Complaining About Sexual Harassment Takes Courage

Complaining About Sexual Harassment Takes Courage and Causes Stress! By Lindy Korn, Esq. Why does making a complaint about unwelcome advances cause STRESS? Why does unwanted touching seem impossible to stop when a person says NO? Why do I have to work in FEAR of the consequences of SPEAKING UP? The following is a report by an employee to her employer. Working in the service industry has helped me ... »

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has come a long way Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss among people age 40 and older. According to Ephram Atwal, M.D., who specializes in laser-assisted small incision cataract surgery with premium multi-focal intraocular lenses, cataracts are the principal cause of blindness in the world. What are cataracts? A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that aff... »

Are Eggs Good for You?

by Annette Pinder I enjoy eating eggs. I think they are a great choice for breakfast or just about any time. So, when I was questioned about the health of eggs recently, I decided to take a closer look. Eggs are just 78 calories each, and the American Heart Association (AHA) says they are an efficient, rich source of protein and vitamins, noting that, “They contain six grams of protein and are a r... »

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