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The second CycleNation kicks-off tomorrow at ADPRO Sports Center!

Co-Chairs Dr. Elad Levy of Kaleida Health and David Anderson of BlueCross BlueShield along with hundreds of other area companies ride to raise lifesaving funds, at Cyclenation, for heart disease and stroke in our community. WHO: The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) .........
What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? Could You Make a Difference? Mental Health First Aid By Karl Shallowhorn Ever see the popular tv show What Would You Do?Each episode presents a scenario in which bystanders witness an event without realizing they are being filmed. How the bystanders react is revealing. .........

Mental Health First Aid

By Marlene Schillinger Most of us know the importance of knowing CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and calling 911 if we can’t help. But what happens when someone you know is having a mental health crisis? Would you be able to recognize the signs, and know what to .........
Teens and Suicide

Teens and Suicide

(News In Health) Teenagers have their whole lives ahead of them, they’re often told. The idea that a teen could be thinking about ending that life might be hard for their friends, families, or other people in their community to believe. But the risk of suicide should .........
Moving from How to Why – Suicide Awareness

Moving from How to Why – Suicide Awareness

Moving from Why to How – Suicide Prevention Strategies in Erie County by Jessica C. Pirro, Crisis Services CEO When someone dies by suicide, the first question we often ask is “Why?” Why didn’t we know he was struggling? Why didn’t she get help? Why didn’t he .........
Fetal Testing and Medical Research

Fetal Testing and Medical Research

Misunderstanding and misinformation threatens life-saving disease research  by Annette Pinder Over the years, fetal research has led to vaccines to prevent polio and rubella, detection and treatment of Rh incompatibility, development of diagnostic techniques, prevention of genetic and metabolic .........
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