What readers and advertisers say about Buffalo Healthy Living…

“Great healthcare source for consumers.”

Tom McNulty President Success Stories, Inc.

“Timely and important information about local resources.”

Max Donatelli

“Great magazine, good for Buffalonians.”

Douglas Wright, DDS, MSD, Owl Orthodontics

“A wonderful source for health recommendations and resources.”

Dr. Mark Danziger, DDS, Kenmore

“Buffalo Healthy Living is a great magazine, focusing on the topics and developments that are important to our community. The articles are well written and informative. It serves its readership well.”
Chris Jamele, Parkinson’s Foundation, Inc.

“Annette has an amazing work ethic and has a huge skill base. Her forte is new and creative ideas for any project she tackles. She provides a high energy vibe in the workplace and is supportive of all her colleagues.”
Anne Sweeney, Buffalo

“I am so impressed with BuffaloHealthy Living. I especially lovedthe article about hiking since I’ve been thinking abouttaking hikes. I also lovedDr. Healy’s article on blueberries.”
Teri Silsby, Retired LockportSenior H.S. Teacher

“Your magazine is filled with helpful contents, particularly as applied to seniors and health.”
Ginny Oehler, President, A Mindful Edge, Former CEO OLV and United Cerebral Palsy

“I think the magazine is wonderful. I always look forward to it each month, and it is a treat that it is free, too!”
Barbara S., Cheektowaga

“Buffalo Healthy Living is a great magazine and and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Peter Kates, VP Communications and Marketing, Univera Healthcare

“Wonderful magazine and has given my sister & I some very helpful ideas in managing our business.”
Laurie Greco, Mar-Bon Social Club, East Amherst, NY

“Advertising in Buffalo Healthy Living is definitely working for us!”
Jeffrey Goldberg, DDS, President Facial Pain and Apnea

“Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine always provides great information. I read it cover to cover every month, and enjoy it with my morning coffee. The articles are also just the right length, and the content is not over your head. It is very person-friendly. Also just love the recipes!”
Marianne Verdi, Dental Hygienist Tonawanda NY

“Annette is helping many of my clients reach their marketing goals with targeted publications and unmatched personal service. Ideas are always flowing from Annette’s brain, and I feel she will be a great asset to your business.”
Scott McCandless, Marketing Consultant

“Annette might just be the last marketing heroine you’ll ever need. Beyond her dedicated work ethics, if she believes in your proposition, she will be the natural cheerleader you never knew existed. If persuasion is the name of the game, Annette will be there to lift hearts and minds.”
Kevin Lim, Deputy Director of Digital Innovation & Transformation at National Gallery Singapore

“We’ve witnessed success in our advertisingby tracking the number of individuals who attend the seminars we’ve promoted in themagazine. The publication offers something for everyone with light-hearted stories toserious health-related articles.”

Dawn Harsch, Director of Corporate Communications, The McGuire Group

“I think your magazine is great. It’s easy to read and relevant to my life. I love all the articles. Annette is also an absolutely amazing marketing and sales professional. I saw this first-hand when we sat on a committee together at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce. I am always awed by her ability to put structure to concepts and ideas as well as her incredible talent of managing projects. Her creativity has contributed to the organizational success of many companies and her public relations and communication skills are superior. “Making the simple complicated is easy, making the complicated easy is genius — that is Annette!”
Christina Schweitzer – Human Resource Director

“Wonderful magazine to read, filled with health tips and more.”
Kohava Howard, LPN, RAHP, Leadership Coach