Featuring television shows that correspond to timely health topics and articles in the magazine helps reinforce information our readers are seeking and the resources that are available to them. All shows are on Wednesdays at 8 pm and Saturdays at noon. The half hour program is produced in studio with expert guests, health professionals, and everyday people.
Watch the show at WBBZ-TV Channel 5 on Verizon FiOS, Spectrum, and DISH and Channel 67 on DirecTV.


Show 56. LaTarcia Daniels, Director of Family Planning and Emily Murphy, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from Community Health Center of Buffalo join John Di Sciullo to talk about sexual health and family planning services offered at Community Health Center of Buffalo.
Show 55. The Opioid Crisis. Cindy Voelker, President & CEO and Ann Bowback, Project Director of the MAT Grant for Spectrum Health & Human Services join John Di Sciullo to talk about the opioid crisis and overdose problems in WNY. Learn about the important life-saving drug Narcan that can revive someone after an accidental overdose, and how to obtain and administer Narcan to save a life.

Show 45. Roswell Park. John Di Sciullo & Dr. Ellen Grant talk about the life saving work done at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center with President & CEO Dr. Candace Johnson.

Show 37. Your Hometown Health Connection Show 43. Dr. Ephraim Atwal discusses laser cataract surgery.
Show 36. Your Hometown Health Connection Show 44. John Di Sciullo talks to Dr. Thomas A. Russo about the new covid strains and the updated bivalent vaccine.
Show 35. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Featuring Ajay Chaudhuri, MD and Robert L. Borowski, DO of the Diabetes-Endocrinology Center of WNY.
Show 34. Women’s Health Issues, focusing on Excessive Bleeding and Fibroids in Women of Childbearing Age. Featuring August Bruno, Jr., MD of General Physician, P.C.
Show 33. Meet world renowned Nobel Peace Prize nominees Peter Jay Hotez, MD, PhD and Maria Elena Bottazzi PhD, FASTMH of Baylor College of Medicine, who developed the Corbevax COVID vaccine now being distributed in poor and developing nations. Their efforts have made it possible for millions of people to be vaccinated with a safe and effective COVID vaccine using proven technology that is equally effective to COVID vaccines in the U.S. Their efforts help ensure equality in access to healthcare and are helping to stop the spread of COVID variants that impact world health.
Show 32. Meet Dr. Ahmad Kadhim, a gastroenterologist at General Physician, PC, who discusses the types of issues gastroenterologists treat, common upper and lower GI conditions and symptoms, irritable bowel disease, celiac disease, colonoscopies, and more.
Show 31. Meet Dr. Jessica Martinolich of General Physician PC and UBMD Surgery who specializes in colon and rectal surgery. Dr. Martinolich discusses the importance of screening in colon cancer, why younger people are getting colon cancer, and new guidelines for getting screened. She also talks about what it is like to get a colonoscopy.
Show 30. Meet Dr. Vijay Iyer, an Interventional Cardiologist and Marylou Scholl, a nurse practitioner from Great Lakes Cardiovascular who discuss minimally invasive cardiac procedures and the role that nutrition plays in reducing and even reversing disease in people with heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Also learn about plant based diets.
Show 29: Healthy Living with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes
Kate Glaser talks with Dr. Richard Charles, Chief Medical Officer at General Physician, P.C., Kelly Cardamone, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, and Samantha Will, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. They discuss the importance medicine, nutrition and exercise has with treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Show 28. Do you or someone you love suffer from foot pain? See a live short and non-invasive procedure being used at Excelsior Orthopaedics that uses non-invasive shockwave therapy to rid people of heel pain. 
Show 27. BestSelf Behavioral Health President & CEO Liz Woike-Ganga and Chief People Officer DeWan Stroud discuss career opportunities at BestSelf. 
Show 26. Dr. Stuti Tambar of Great Lakes Cancer Collaborative discusses breast cancer. Dr. Tambar is joined by program host Kate Glaser, to discuss how early detection saves lives.
Show 25. Part 2 of a Covid Town Hall with Dr. Raul Vazquez, President & CEO of G-Health Enterprises and Urban Family Practice. Sept 29 and Oct. 2
Show 24. Part 1 of a Covid Town Hall with Dr. Raul Vazquez, President & CEO of G-Health Enterprises and Urban Family Practice. Sept. 22 and 25
Show 23. Pelvic floor issues are not a normal part of getting older. Sept. 15 and 18

Urogynecologist Dr. Armen Kirakosyan explains surgical & non-surgical ways of treating common conditions that women experience.

Show 22. What Questions or Concerns Should You Have When Visiting Your Primary Care Doctor?
Show Times: Wednesday, July 28 at 8pm and Saturday July 31 at Noon. Wednesday, August 25 at 8 pm and Saturday August 28 at noon

Featuring Richard Charles, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for General Physician, P.C., discusses the vital role a primary care doctor can have on a patients well-being, what questions you should ask your doctor, what should your doctor be aware of?

Show 21. Movement of Joy
Show Times: Wednesday, July 21 at 8pm and Saturday July 24 at Noon. Wednesday, August 18 at 8 pm and Saturday August 21 at noon

Featuring Naila Ansari, Assistant Professor Theatre, Dance, and Africana Studies at Buffalo State College, Founder Movement of Joy, Award-Winning Choreographer and Performer, and Dance Director of Ujima Theatre

Show 20. The Health of Refugees. Show Times: Wednesday, July 14 at 8pm and Saturday July 17th at noon. Wednesday, August 11 at 8 pm and Saturday August 14 at noon

Featuring Dr. Anna Mongo, Chief Program Officer Jericho Road Community Center, Dr. Molly Carr, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services of Western New York, and Ali Kadhum, Managing Case Supervisor of BestSelf Behavioral Health