Featuring television shows that correspond to timely health topics and articles in the magazine helps reinforce information our readers are seeking and the resources that are available to them. All shows are on Wednesdays at 8 pm and Saturdays at noon. The half hour program is produced in studio with expert guests, health professionals, and everyday people.
Watch the show at WBBZ-TV Channel 5 on Verizon FiOS, Spectrum, and DISH and Channel 67 on DirecTV.


Show 58. Flu, Covid, & RSV, Featuring Thomas A. Russo, MD, Chief of the Division of Medicine, UB Jacobs School of Medicine & Biological Sciences

Show 57. Meet Patti Green of Passport to Health and Healthy Living with Patti Green, BS, CHC, AADP, holistic lifestyle coach, and Harvard Medical School CHEF Coaching Basics certificate. Watch as Patti provides healthy eating and easy prepping tips.
Show 56. LaTarcia Daniels, Director of Family Planning and Emily Murphy, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from Community Health Center of Buffalo join John Di Sciullo to talk about sexual health and family planning services offered at Community Health Center of Buffalo.
Show 55. The Opioid Crisis. Cindy Voelker, President & CEO and Ann Bowback, Project Director of the MAT Grant for Spectrum Health & Human Services join John Di Sciullo to talk about the opioid crisis and overdose problems in WNY. Learn about the important life-saving drug Narcan that can revive someone after an accidental overdose, and how to obtain and administer Narcan to save a life.

Show 45. Roswell Park. John Di Sciullo & Dr. Ellen Grant talk about the life saving work done at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center with President & CEO Dr. Candace Johnson.

Show 37. Your Hometown Health Connection Show 43. Dr. Ephraim Atwal discusses laser cataract surgery.
Show 36. Your Hometown Health Connection Show 44. John Di Sciullo talks to Dr. Thomas A. Russo about the new covid strains and the updated bivalent vaccine.