Clinical Trials

Alzheimer’s Disease Noble Study. Researchers and other clinical research organizations throughout the country are committed to providing patients with access to studies that will help advance research on AD at all stages of the disease. To push this initiative forward here in Western New York, Dent Neurologic Institute is participating in the NOBLE Study. The NOBLE Study is a clinical trial of an investigational medication that uses a neuroprotectant approach that has been successful in central nervous system disorders including stroke and Parkinson’s disease. The study will focus on evaluating a medication specifically for those with mild-to-moderate AD.
Participants will be screened for eligibility and must be:

  • Aged 55-85 years old with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Are stable on donepezil (Aricept®) or rivastigmine (Exelon® Patch) treatment
  • Living in the community (not a nursing home)
  • Have a study partner that has regular contact and who will attend study visits
  • Weigh no more than 220 pounds

Those interested in learning more should contact Caroline Kumm at or 716-558-3492. Learn more about the NOBLE Study at

Alzheimer’s ReCognition Study to Slow Alzheimer’s.
 Study using a drug to help promote better sleep and improve cognitive function for people between 60-85 years of age with mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, Compensation, 716-898-4038.

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Study. The A4 trial (Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease) is the first trial that will give an amyloid vaccine to subjects before they show symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Volunteers over age 65 will be screened with memory questionnaires and undergo a PET scan to see if they have signs of amyloid developing. If they do, they can enter the trial. Participants will randomly receive either the investigational drug or placebo while they are monitored for three years. DENT is one of only 60 sites around the world seeking a way to slow, or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. DENT is currently involved in several other studies combating Alzheimer’s. Trial participants will help us learn whether we can potentially slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease or even possibly prevent the disease, and will also be compensated for their time and travel. For more information, please contact Dr. Michelle Rainka at 716-250-2038.

Children’s Headaches. If your child has been dealing with frequent painful headaches call to participate in a clinical trial at DENT using Botox. To learn more about the Botox clinical trial for children ages 12-17, call Melissa Fuller, Research Coordinator at 716-250-2000. All study participants will receive compensation for their time and travel, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cigarette Smokers Needed for Roswell Electronic Cigarette Study. Participation involves visits to try different electronic cigarettes and provide blood samples, Participants will receive $540 for seven visits, Call 887-9800 and ask for the ENDS study.

Dental Medicine. Metallic Taste in Your Mouth? University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is looking for males and females between the ages of 18-75 who have a metallic taste in their mouth related to their therapy (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, and other medications). You may be eligible to participate in a research study involving a novel mouthrinse that may improve the taste in your mouth. Eligible participants will be compensated. The study is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Sebastian G. Ciancio. For more information and to be screened for the study please contact Michele or Sandy at 716-829-2885.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats. Dr. Wild of Upstate Clinical Research Associates, LLC in Williamsville is accepting patients to participate in the Replenish Trial, a medical research study. You must be female between the ages of 40-65 and have not had a hysterectomy. Participants receive study-related medical exams, investigational study medications, and lab services no cost — no insurance needed, Compensation for time, travel and related-expenses. Call 855.388.8583 or visit

Insomnia Clinical Study. For people ages 55 or over having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early, Includes reimbursement for time and travel, call 716-250-5000 and leave message.

Migraines. Finding the right therapy can be difficult. If you have a history of migraines for the past 12 months and have had 4-14 migraines per month for the past three months you may qualify to participate in a  research study of an investigational new drug to see if it can help prevent your Migraine Headaches before they start. If you qualify you will receive all study related exams and the investigational drug free of charge. You will also be compensated for your time and travel. For information call Upstate Clinical Research Associates at 716-626-6320.

UBMD Clinical Trials. For a list of clinical trials click here.