by Daniel Carcillo

Navigating the sometimes-rough waters of life after a professional sports career, I found myself grappling with more than just the physical scars left behind. The mental and emotional fallout was, in many ways, far more debilitating. Concussions and associated chronic pain threw me into the darkest corners of depression and anxiety. It was during this struggle that I discovered psychedelic medicine.

My journey into psychedelics wasn’t a decision I made lightly. It emerged from a desperate last-ditch effort to reclaim my mental health, and what I discovered was profoundly transformative. The treatment didn’t just alleviate my symptoms; it offered a deeper healing process, allowing me to regain my quality of life within six months. Each experience I underwent peeled back layers of accumulated anguish, exposing me to the raw, painful truths of my existence, leaving me vulnerable to the process of healing. I learned that navigating pain was a process I could overcome. During every session, I gathered pieces of myself lost to years of physical battles and mental torment. I was also able to envision a future where I could apply my experiences to help guide and support others, leading me to become an advocate for psychedelic research and therapy, and their acceptance as legitimate tools for mental health treatment.

Understanding that healing is not just an individual journey, but rather a collective responsibility, led me to cofound a company focused on income-generating properties linked to the health care industry to ensure that such treatments are available and safe for individuals looking for a way back to wellness. I believe that mental health treatment can and should be transformative. Psychedelics have shown us that the mind’s ability to heal is vast, and often what can be achieved through conventional means. I hope to unlock this potential and usher in a new era of mental health treatment that embraces the complexity of the human psyche with open arms and minds.

Daniel Carcillo is the recipient of a one-million-dollar award in last year’s 43 North competition, and proud to be a part of our Western New York Community. He is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion who played with the Chicago Blackhawks, during which he suffered several concussions, post-concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). His personal journey with psychedelics has reshaped his understanding of pain, healing, and the capacity for change, leading him to become a passionate advocate for TBI survivors and for individuals dealing with mental health challenges. Daniel is Chief Operating Officer of Healing Realty Trust, a real estate investment company centered on purchasing health care-related properties serving the mental, behavioral, and physical health sectors, as well as in the advancement of innovative and emerging psychedelic therapies. He previously founded Wesana Health, a biotech company that championed the development and delivery of psychedelic and naturally sourced therapies to treat TBI. Learn more about Healing Realty Trust at