get the benefit of expert advice when planning for your future!

by Carlton and Shonda Brock

Imagine you are 65 years or older. You and your spouse have been thinking about downsizing — purchasing a ranch home to avoid stairs, moving into a senior apartment, or transitioning to an independent living facility. Often, older people in good health wonder, “Is it time to make a plan, or should we hold off?” Waiting is often not the best answer. What happens if you or your spouse suddenly require skilled nursing care due to an unforeseen illness? What if that means having to lose the only home you have enjoyed for the past 30+ years to pay for medical bills associated with skilled nursing?

B&C United is here to help you get the care and assistance you need to remain in your home safely and independently. There are important things to consider as you begin thinking about the future.

Plan Ahead

It’s often hard to imagine needing more help than you do now, and even harder to think about planning for it. But, did you know that if you have a home in your own name at the time when an unforeseen catastrophe strikes, it is often too late to keep that home? There is nothing quite as important as thinking ahead and planning for the kind of financial and medical help you might require before you actually need it.

Think About Your Health

An important consideration when planning is to look at any illnesses that you or your spouse might have, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back problems, or emphysema. Talk to your primary care physician about how these conditions may impact your future. If you are a caregiver to a spouse or loved one, learn about the support that may be available for you to remain safely at home, before caregiver burnout starts to seep in.

What Support Can Help Me Age at Home?

B&C United and B&C Cares exist to help you address aging in place issues and get the help you need before it is too late. It is entirely possible for you to live safely, independently, and with dignity, while getting help with personal care, household chores, grocery shopping, meal preparation, yard work, medication management, money management, obtaining medical devices, and more. The important first step, however, is to make a plan and to never put your trust in someone that can take advantage of you.

Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency and Have a Plan
So, what’s your plan? What if you suddenly became ill and are unable to speak for yourself? Having the proper paperwork in place, often referred to as healthcare advance directives, is important, as is a plan to keep what you have worked for most of your life.

Conversations around the future can be difficult but avoiding them is not the answer. Your health and that of your loved ones is important. To begin your journey to a holistic approach to aging in place, call us at 716-633-7400 for a free consultation or email us at  and visit