By Shannon Traphagen

Organic food sales are setting records as more mainstream Americans fill their shopping carts with everything from farm fresh eggs to grass fed meats, and one local company is making it both convenient and affordable. Fresh Fix, located in Buffalo, offers the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farms delivered right to your door!

Husband and wife owners, Lucia Leon and Josh Bowen moved back to Buffalo four years ago and quickly realized there was a need for a fresh produce delivery service. “Down in North Carolina, we had started a veggie van for low income communities and it quickly took off. Coming back, we knew we wanted to be part of the resurgence in the Buffalo food industry and help build a sustainable food system for our local communities,” explained Josh.

Now in their third season, Fresh Fix offers four different “box” options: small, large, all organic, and flex-fix. Consumers can also add on local fruits, meats, pickles, jams, and coffees. All ingredients are sourced from local farms, including Five Loaves, Westside Tilth, Mc-B’s Meat Farm, Plato dale, Arden Farms, Breadhive Coop, and Dirt Rich Farm, and others.

“Recently lettuce warnings had people panicking and wondering where and what brands they could safely purchase. We give customers buying power; knowing how their food is grown and where it’s sourced from,” said Lucia, who is a Ph.D. faculty member at the University of Buffalo, specializing in access to local food sources.

What’s great about Fresh Fix is its simplicity. Ordering is easy, delivery is free, and you aren’t obligated to order every week. Simply go online, select your delivery area, choose the box type you want with the options you want, create an account, and enter payment information. Voila, you’re done! Your Fresh Fix box will be delivered to your door. Fresh Fix delivers to a wide range of local zip codes, however, if you don’t see yours, fill out the “suggest a new delivery area form” to see if you can be added. Thereafter, you will receive a weekly email letting you know what produce will be in your box the following week and what other produce and add-on items are available. However, Josh stresses that boxes are reused, so they are unable to separate them for members with food allergies.

“As we head into summer, our current produce list includes cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli, cucumber, fennel, okra, cabbage, potatoes, summer squash, and peas. This is just some of what we can deliver and it’s all from local farms,” said Josh.

Lucia adds, “When you buy local, 10 times more of your dollar goes back to the farmers, compared to roughly 15 cents when buying from the store, and that produce isn’t always local. When we start buying local it has a positive impact on the environment, supports our local economy—and, it tastes better because it’s fresher.”

To become a member or contact the owners visit or email