Univera Healthcare is providing $10,000 in financial support to Every Bottom Covered, a diaper bank in Buffalo.  A diaper bank is like a food bank with the difference being that they distribute diapers and not food.  Every Bottom Covered will also partner with organizations that have like-minded missions to assist low-income families to distribute diapers.

“More than ever, there are people who need basic necessities for their families, like diapers,” said Art Wingerter, Univera Healthcare president.  “We are committed to helping families in our community to keep their children healthy.”

According to a study by Huggies and the National Diaper Bank Network, 1 in 3 families in the United States experience “diaper need,” which is defined as not having enough diapers to keep a baby or toddler consistently, clean and dry. This can lead to health issues like diaper rash or infections for the baby and undue stress for parents.

The need for diapers creates additional stress for the family as well. Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities, require parents to provide a day’s supply of disposable diapers; therefore, many parents cannot go to work or school if they cannot leave their babies at childcare.

“Receiving this grant helps Every Bottom Covered ensure that no child’s bottom will be left uncovered by helping us to purchase more diapers and wipes and begin to expand into communities that may not always be able to get to the Delavan Grider Community Center, said Raziya Hill,  Every Bottom Covered executive director and founder.  “We understand that in addition to the financial pinch of raising families in low-income households, transportation is a major issue in many rural communities.  This amazing grant will help us truly begin to address this!  We are so grateful to Univera for this opportunity.”

To learn more about Every Bottom Covered, visit www.everybottomcovered.org

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