The point of contact to apply for home repair and weatherization services offered through Buffalo Urban
Renewal Agency’s Community Partnerships Initiatives contract has now changed for some City of Buffalo residents. The Matt Urban Center, Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Old First Ward Community Association and University District Community Development Association now serve residents based on their location in 35 planning neighborhoods throughout the City, rather than by council district as they did in past years.

Residents may apply to one of these four agencies (their local Community Based Organization) for assistance with home repair, homeownership and weatherization services. In addition, as part of STAND UP Buffalo, new programs are available to assist small scale landlords and those facing hardships due to COVID-19. Residents are encouraged to contact their Community Based Organization (CBO) for more information. If they are unsure of their assigned CBO, they can refer to the map provided by the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency.

Matt Urban Center: 716-893-7222 x213

Heart of the City Neighborhoods: 716-882-7661

Old First Ward Community Association: 716-856-8613 x103

University District Community Development Association: 716-832-1010 x207

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Maya Shermer at (716) 893-7222 x214 or