Have you ever wondered why couples often choose June to tie the knot? Certainly, June is often a beautiful and temperate month. But it also derived its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, and people believed that couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. And during medieval times a person’s annual bath usually fell in May or June, meaning that June brides still smelled relatively fresh. And to be safe, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide their body odor. More practically, people chose June to marry so that the timing of conception and birth didn’t interfere with harvest work.

People through the ages have always valued traditions, as do our cover models who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary, on a tandem bike donated by Tom Lonzi, owner of Tom’s Pro Bikes, which was a gift to his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary.

June is also a month of occasions – like Father’s Day and graduations, and here in Western New York, we can’t help but look forward to a season of being outdoors, blooming gardens, and the start of our wonderful festivals. It also happens to be a month in which we celebrate men’s health, fresh fruit and vegetables, and the great outdoors. It is certainly a time of abundance – and there is much happening in Western New York to appreciate – including our great farmer’s markets, and the innovative medical care that we are always writing about.

So enjoy the June issue, and get out and enjoy this wonderful time of year.