McGuire Employees Donate Time, Talent to Support One Another By Making Masks and Mugs

During the COVID 19 crisis, employees at The McGuire Group health care facilities have donated time and talents to support one another.

At The McGuire Group’s Autumn View Health Care Facility in Hamburg, Mike and Amanda Josker, both licensed practical nurses at the facility, have used their personal 3D printer to design and create ear protection straps to help alleviate ear discomfort from the elastic straps on masks. Known as additive manufacturing, the 3D printing process builds a three dimensional object from a computer-aided design (CAD) model by successfully adding material layer by layer. The couple has made and donated more than 100 custom straps that feature heart designs or the company’s “Mission Maker” motto. The process takes approximately 45 minutes to print five straps. The husband and wife team originally purchased the X Maker QIDI machine to create items for their children; however, after experiencing the discomfort of wearing a mask all day, they put it to good use for the benefit of their co-workers. Mike has been employed with the company for 19 years and Amanda for 7. Their commitment is appreciated by residents and staff alike!



At The McGuire Group’s Northgate Health Care Facility in North Tonawanda, medical records employee Rose Mary Keser has been using her Silhouette Cameo dye cutting machine to create vinyl graphics to place on mugs, steins, clipboards, tote bags and more for the staff. She and her husband Mark have spent countless hours creating, printing and affixing the graphics on nearly 600 items for the staff at Northgate as well as the employees at the McGuire Group’s other local facilities. Known as the “mug lady,” Rose Mary says she enjoys spending time with her husband creating uplifting sayings and quotes to bring cheer to her co-workers’ day. The designs are printed in color, black and white, iridescent, hologram or multi-colored. She had originally purchased the machine to make items for her grandchildren, but quickly realized she could use it to benefit her co-workers. Rose Mary has utilized her creative talents to design centerpieces for the staff Christmas party and hopes to take part in local craft shows in the future. She has been employed with the company for 21 years and has held positions in the business office, payroll and her current role in medical records.

In addition to the Joskers and Kesers, many of The McGuire Group’s employees and their family members have created and donated a variety of items including washable gowns, masks, headbands, food and more. “We’re grateful to everyone for their selfless support of our team members during this unprecedented time,” stated Dawn Harsch, communications director.

The McGuire Group facilities include Autumn View in Hamburg, Garden Gate in Cheektowaga, Harris Hill in Williamsville, Northgate in North Tonawanda and Seneca in West Seneca.