June celebrates National Men’s Health Month, as well as Father’s Day, so what better time to check on how the guys in our lives are doing? As for health, the Cleveland Clinic reports that only three in five men get an annual physical, and 40 percent see a doctor only when they think they have a serious medical condition or want to stop their loved ones from nagging them about getting a physical. Sounds like more nagging may be in order!

As for Father’s Day, research reveals that more than 20 million children today live in homes where fathers are either physically or emotionally absent. However, the good news is that younger men today are more involved than ever. Still, Ditta M. Oliker, Ph.D., in writing for Psychology Today, says that men are often viewed as second class citizens as compared to their female counterparts, noting that while there are tons of books, magazine articles, and early morning television shows offering advice on mothering, there is little of the same for fathering.

Oliker notes that when dads interact positively with their children it helps them better regulate their feelings and behavior. She says that boys with positive male role models do better, as do adolescent girls who are then more inclined to form positive opinions of men.

June is a great time to reflect on the importance of men’s health and the great male role models in our lives. One great example is our cover model, former Bills player Rob Jones, whose story appears on page 25. It’s also a great time to get out to experience all of summer’s healthy happenings.