Statement from Niagara County Public Health Director Daniel J. Stapleton

“The surge in positive COVID-19 cases brought on by the omicron variant, the changes in testing protocols with the wide distribution of at-home test kits and the need to prioritize our resources in a manner that best serves the public health care needs of Niagara County has led us to make significant changes in our weekly update starting today and going forward.

“We do not make these changes lightly, as we recognize that many in the public seek as much information as possible. But between the surge and other changes, the demands on staff are overwhelming and we do not want there to be any question about the accuracy of our data.

“Therefore, we are going to rely on information tracked by New York State in regards to Niagara County and the Western New York region, which is very extensive and provides many different data points beyond what we have traditionally put in our report. We will report once a week on the latest data from the state, but any member of the public can visit the state site at for daily updates. Along with that change, we will be no longer be updating the county heat maps that showed COVID-19 cases by locality.”

The Niagara County Department of Health issued the following weekly update on positive COVID-19 cases in Niagara County based on data from for the last week.