We all say it … where did all the time go? How did we get to August already? While preparing this issue of the magazine, I wondered, “Why am I writing about back-to-school when what I’d really like to do is savor the remaining days summer? And, why does summer go by so quickly, anyway?

Dr. Lindsay A. Henderson, PsyD of Pittsford, NY, says we tend to wear busy-ness as a badge of honor, so that before we know it, time slips away while we are busy trying to be busy. She says that this is especially true during summer, which we generally look forward to more than winter. She also points out that when we are busy enjoying summer activities, we tend to have less time for mindfulness to help us stay grounded in the here and now, and that time seems to pass more quickly as we age, because of how we experience time.

“Along with age comes experience, which makes fewer experiences new to us. We also aren’t great at measuring the amount of time and energy we expend on activities. So, as we grow older, we tend to look back on past experiences, feeling that the time remaining for us to achieve future goals is dwindling,” says Dr. Henderson. She attributes this feeling to allowing our emotions to interfere with how we accurately perceive time.

This issue is a mix of both summer and the days ahead. However, rather than wonder what happened to the past month and a half, I am determined to enjoy the beautiful days ahead, rather than dwell on the moments that are slipping away. After all, the first day of fall isn’t until September 23.