Courtesy of The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Group

Remember the 1990s? They may be longer ago than we’d care to admit, but let’s face it — some things are better left in the past — kind of like those skinny eyebrows we tweezed and plucked into oblivion back in 1999, or those glittery lip glosses…woof.

Despite what you may have seen or read, no, skinny eyebrows and burgundy-black lips are not making a comeback. Not for us, anyway.

Having full, thick eyebrows, and natural-looking lips lets the world know we are decisive, confident, and self-reliant — but achieving that look (and those feelings) can be time-consuming and overwhelming. So, what’s the solution? How can we have the perfect eyebrows, or perfect lips — all day, every day — with minimum effort? The answer: Permanent makeup, using nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology uses very fine needles, which allows for more precise and natural-looking results. This technique is also less painful than traditional microblading, as the smaller needles cause less trauma to the skin. If this sounds like getting a face tattoo, well, it sort of is. But don’t freak out! The procedure is performed with maximum precision and controlled movements by our licensed artist for the most natural-looking eyebrows and lips. Our artist, and team of skincare professionals, will meet with you to color match and map out the shape of your brows/lips to your unique facial structure, and ensure that your skin care goals are met.

Not sure if you’re a great candidate? Nanotechnology works on almost all skin tones and types. It’s great for people who already have full brows and lips, or who have nothing at all. So, give us a call, or learn more at