By Shannon Traphagen

“Mindfulness comes in many forms, but it never has to be all or nothing.” This is the mantra of Allison Hagendorf, partner of the Time to Tone mobile health app which recently launched in November. A national television personality, certified health coach and behavior change specialist, and creator of, Hagendorf knows a thing or two about making better life choices. With a pre-medicine degree from Penn State, Hagendorf turned her passion for living fit into a career.

“Time to Tone is a health and fitness app, created in partnership with holistic lifestyle brand Ab Cut, that prioritizes you. It provides people with weekly nutritional tips, workout demonstrations, and encouragement in order to live a more balanced, healthier way of life,” says Hagendorf. The app, a free download through the App Store and Google Play, offers various levels of workout—fro novice to expert, and from as little as a 10-minute quick workout, to an intense one hour program.

“This app is for people with busy schedules, frequent travelers, or those who just want to boost their fitness regimen with something new. It includes five weekly workouts, featuring simple movements, and tips on how to perform each one with proper technique. It’s a 360-degree approach to wellness that starts with using mindfulness to change how we view being healthy,” Hagendorf states. The popular “community feature” lets people to connect to others through the app, allowing them to build a network of support in a shared or common goal, and motivate each other to keep going. The app also has a nutritional component where Hagendorf shares her favorite recipes and suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking. Throughout the app, she coaches individuals to make smarter choices when it comes to topics like navigating a menu, grocery shopping, and understanding macro-nutrients. She says, “Cooking for yourself is the best way to control what goes into your food. The food you make doesn’t haven’t to be gourmet—just healthy.” Time to tone is unique because it’s based on the philosophy of fitting exercise into your daily life and not the other way around. Hagendorf also believes we should be able to enjoy the foods we like, as long as we balance how often we treat ourselves. The creativity and mobility behind the app makes it useful for anyone to use.

“In WNY, winter months are long, and many people don’t feel motivated to go to the gym—now they
don’t have to,” Hagendorf says, adding, “This app really teaches individuals about balance, and how
to combine a healthy diet and regular exercise within our busy schedules. I asked Hagendorf to tell me one thing she’s learned from working with individuals? She said, “That everything we need we already have inside us.”

Learn more about Allison Hagendorf at, and follow her on Instagram @allihagendorf. For
information on Time to Tone, contact Alex Hesse at, or call 970-376-8155.