By Annette Pinder

It’s not every day that a new bike store pops up in the neighborhood. So, recently, while enjoying our beautiful warm weather, I decided to check out Northstar Bicycle Shop in Williamsville, and came away impressed. Co-owners Nick and Hayden are young, smart, enthusiastic, and passionate about what they do. The love for their work is palpable. Both take pride in helping people find their perfect bike, and doing their best to make sure that new innovative products are available.

“My dream was to own a bike shop someday,” said Nick, a road cyclist, who spent several years supporting the Ride for Missing Children. Meanwhile, Hayden adapted the skills he gained as a technical theatre and design major at University at Buffalo, to address complex bike service challenges. Greeting people at the door with a big smile was Northstar’s mascot Pike, a half Australian Shepherd, half English Shepherd. Northstar is definitely a happy place.

Northstar’s full-service department offers basic, standard, deluxe tune-ups, and much more. Although supply-chain challenges have affected all bicycle stores throughout the United States, Northstar prides itself on selling premium brand bikes, traditional road, hybrids, mountain bikes, and ebikes.

What are ebikes? Not being all that knowledgeable about bikes in general, I was pleased with the lesson Nick provided. He explained that electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular around the world and in the United States because of their ability to improve both mental and physical wellbeing. “E-bikes make it possible for riders to explore and go farther than most people think is possible. They’re really great if you haven’t been cycling in a while, and are great exercise, despite the fact that they have an electric motor. They are also perfect for people of all ages and physical abilities, and help with coordination,” says Nick.

Ebikes also have numerous advantages for those traveling to work, running errands, and simply getting around town. They offer easy parking, the ability to cut through traffic jams, and far better exercise than sitting in a car. Riding an electric bike is also sustainable. They are great for the environment, eliminate harmful greenhouse gasses and the need for expensive gasoline, and provide a renewable and rechargeable form of transportation.

Right now, Nick and Hayden are excited about their premium Magnum electric bikes, which are handcrafted, affordable, and known for their strong focus on simplicity and minimalism. And you couldn’t get them at a place that offers greater service.

Learn more about Northstar Bicycle Shop at The store is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located at 224 Plaza Drive, Williamsville, NY. Call 716-466-2135 or email Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at northstarbikesbuffalo. And stop in – Northstar is a happy place to get started for a happier summer.