Why My Friends and I Joined the JCC
By Annette Pinder


Recently, my friend Nancy suggested that I try a one of the many virtual exercise classes offered by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo (JCC). Nancy’s friend, Enid, had told her about the classes and, of course, I passed the information on to my friend Sharon. News certainly travels fast in Buffalo. With so many free exercise videos on YouTube, I wasn’t immediately convinced, but decided to try the two-week free trial, and I am glad that I did because the classes have changed my life.

Kathy Corff Rogers is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and, over the years, has taught cardio, step, free weights, core strength, and stretching. She teaches SilverSneakers® Cardio and Classic and has been certified in Yoga, Stretch, Stability, Cardio Circuit, and Boom. Kathy is diligent about correct form, body alignment, and committed to having class participants get the most out of their workout in a safe and fun way. 

Each class is delivered via Zoom, and participants sign on a few minutes early, during which we get to chat for a few minutes and feel connected. There’s no need to dress in a special gym outfit, bundle up for cold weather, make sure there’s gas in the car, and head out to the gym with sneakers in tow to replace snowy boots. Once class starts, we are all muted, and change our Zoom view to see only the instructor. This makes it easy to focus on getting down to business, and follow the instructor’s directions.

Trust me, I don’t love exercising, but this is fun, gratifying, and it makes me feel better. I’ve tried other classes offered by other JCC instructors, and I have found each instructor to be caring, qualified in what they teach, energetic, and inspirational. Classes include Total Body Works, Absolute Abs, Gentle Yoga, Get Stretched, Get Pumped, Standing Yoga, SilverSneakers®Cardio Fit, Vinyasa Yoga, Zumba, and more. I haven’t tried them all, but plan on trying some yoga classes and Zumba because I love to dance. My favorites are Total Body Works and Absolute Abs taught on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and since several classes are archived, if I miss one, I can take it at my convenience. And for those who like one on one or small groups, personal training is also available virtually.

Kathy, my current inspiration for working out, is not only a fitness instructor, but also a talented graphic designer and photographic artist. She sends us motivating exercise tips via weekly emails, advising us of new learning and exercise opportunities. Her email signature message is also uplifting – Move Forward With Enthusiasm. I’m doing just that! Thanks Kathy and thanks JCC for giving us something to look forward to that improves both our physical and mental health.

To check out the classes visit https://www.jccbuffalo.org/group-fitness. For a free two-week trial visit https://www.jccbuffalo.org/virtual-guest/. Thereafter, the monthly cost for virtual classes is a bargain at $14.99. Many insurers also include gym memberships as a free benefit. It’s a great way to spend your time during COVID or anytime. To learn more about membership, virtual classes, and personal training, call 716-688-4033.