People Inc. Offers Business Solutions Services Continue through COVID-19 Crisis

People Inc. works with businesses in Western New York and the Greater Rochester region to employ people and create jobs around their talents and interests. Over the years, several business solutions have been established that offer high-quality work, ranging from janitorial and carpet cleaning to workforce solutions and contract manufacturing.
People Inc. helps people with developmental disabilities secure and maintain meaningful and competitive employment, and continues to serve the business community, even during this challenging time. New machinery has been added, such as an electronic disinfectant sprayer to cover larger areas
and safety protocols have been updated.

Whether you need a crew to clean your workplace once a week or every day, on-site supervision is provided to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction every time. People Inc. provides complete janitorial services, interior cleaning services, floor care, and maintenance for commercial, business, and government offices throughout Erie and Niagara Counties. People Inc. also provides carpet cleaning services for commercial, business, and government locations.

Free estimates are provided and the agency is fully insured. For information, contact or 716.817.5750