Dance Your Way Into 2016 with Devin McMillian

Devin McMillian makes fitness fun through hip-hop cardio and Zumba

Dance Your Way Into 2016 FINAL

By Julie Lang

If you’re looking for a great way to spice up your workout in the New Year, try a hip-hop cardio or Zumba class with Devin McMillian. Devin’s classes are a mix of cardio, stretching, and minimal strength training, and accommodate dance enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. The music is fun, upbeat, and the company is encouraging and cheerful. You have so much fun you don’t even realize you’re working out. You also don’t have to be concerned about looking foolish about not being able to keep up with the instructor because, quite frankly, no one can.

A unique and energetic talent, Devin passionately succeeds at conveying his love for dance during every class. For Devin dance is like oxygen. He breathes it in and out unceasingly, immersing himself in all aspects of dance culture. Devin primarily derives inspiration from raw talent featured on YouTube, up-and-coming artists competing on the popular television series “So you think you can dance,” and professionally trained dancers and choreographers like Wildabeast Adams. And he continuously perfects his craft to provide the highest quality experience to his students.

Devin first explored dance as a hobby during the summer of 2008 when he and a friend began watching music videos. Entranced by the intricate dance moves, they began practicing the same dance sequences. Devin’s love for dance is contagious. He motivates and inspires others, and those who attend his classes share a sense of community on the dance floor.

I personally love dance, and have been taking classes since 2011. They help me maintain a healthy weight, build muscle mass, relieve stress, and meet wonderful new people. Best of all, I have a blast throughout the process! I’ve also learned that cognitive studies reveal that taking dance classes as you age can help make you smarter and prevent dementia. Learning dance steps forces your brain to work harder – all the more reason dance your way into 2016.

Devin is an excellent teacher. Try it at least once to experience it for yourself. It’s fun, contagious, and you don’t have to know how to dance. Devin’s goal is to help each student meet his or her own goals, and achieve progression, which he says can occur in various ways. “Whether it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, losing weight, increasing stamina, building muscle, improving balance, or all of these, there is something for everyone to achieve.”

You can take one of Devin’s classes at Jada Blitz Training, Platinum Fitness, Spezio’s Dance Dynamics, and Uptown Dance Studio. Devin also offers classes for companies seeking a unique and fun fitness experience for their employees. Contact studios for class times. Follow Devin and see his videos on YouTube at DevyDev’s Lab, and on Facebook. To have Devin teach at your dance studio, fitness center or place of employment, call 716-392-6722 or email

About the Author:
Julie Lang is a technical project manager at BCBS of WNY. She is passionate about travel, art, and exercise.